ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) -- After seeing a slump in volunteers over the last two years, Mercy Hospital Ardmore is reaching out for help with various non-clinical roles. 

Long-time volunteer Rick Baggett looks forward to selling popcorn to hospital visitors every week. 

“It's a wonderful way to stay active and meet people, and if I could pay to have this job, I would do it,” Baggett said. 

Volunteers can choose the number of hours that fit best with their schedules. Some volunteer efforts help to fund important hospital projects. 

“The revenue from the gift shop and popcorn goes to help the hospital purchase a variety of items,” Baggett said. “We purchased all new TVs for the patient rooms just a few years ago. In addition, we got state-of-the-art wheelchairs for the hospital.”

Other volunteer opportunities include assisting patients and their family members. 

“We have surgery waiting where we keep patients and family members informed of what's going on with their loved ones in surgery; our front desk is a very busy and active operation,” explained Charles Spencer, the hospital's director of guest services.

Mercy staffers say volunteers play an essential role in hospital operations. 

“Volunteers, housekeepers, and our kitchen crews are the people our patients feel the most comfortable and hospitable with. They are just there to bring hospitality and good service, and that's comforting for them,” Spencer said.

People of all ages are welcome to volunteer at Mercy Ardmore. For more information or to sign up with Mercy Hospital Ardmore volunteer services, visit their website or call 580-220-6604.