DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — With a smile on her face and her contagious positivity, lead cook Misty Alvarez fed the Durant High School football team every day during their Summer Pride events.

The Lions wanted to show their appreciation for Alvarez.

"Over the summer, me and my wife were talking, and I felt, 'God said bless her at the end of the year,'" recalled head football coach Todd Vargas. "So at the end of the year, we had a word of the week — generosity — and just challenge the kids to tip her, and just talk about how God blesses people, and that's who we need to be."

The team surprised Alvarez with a check totaling more than $800.


"They didn't have to do anything, and that goes to show for the parents that have these children, that they are honestly good-hearted men," Alvarez said.

Although she wasn't expecting anything in return for her efforts, Alvarez said says she feels honored to have the ability to make each day special for the Durant Lions. 

"I wake up thinking, 'What can I do to brighten these kids?' That's the first thing on my mind, every morning," Alvarez said. "I come with the drive I want to come to work. I want to make them happy, and that's through my food."

Vargas said he hopes this experience serves as a reminder to his team to continue to bless other people. 

"Obviously, as a football coach, you want to teach them football. But the most important thing is who we are as people," the coach said. "We can win a lot of games, but if these kids don't leave this program as better husbands, fathers, persons, then I think we failed."