HEALDTON, Oklahoma (KTEN) - The Healdton Bulldogs plan to make hard work a theme this season and not just for a few weeks, these guys want to see consistency all the way through their schedule, which is something that was costly last year.

"We got of to a little bit of a rough start, had a really tough schedule early on in the season" said Healdton head coach Taner Richardson. "It kind of broke our spirits a little bit early. We're hoping this year to get off to a better start."

"We've got a lot of returning starters, so we've got a lot of guys that have been in the system for three years now. We expect to get off to a lot better start and have a better season this year."

The Bulldogs finished last year 3-7 and as Richardson said his group got off to a rough start. After winning their first game against Marietta, Healdton lost their next six games, which crushed their playoff hopes.

"This year is really gonna make our mental toughness go way through the roof," said senior quarterback Beau Bradberry. "We're just going to have to be able to push through and do what we can to win."