VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KTEN) — Van Alstyne public schools are getting closer to having their own police force. 

The district has been talking about establishing a police department for quite some time, but after the recent Uvalde elementary school gun massacre, talks about making that force a reality have been cranked up a notch.

In the next few months, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement will send a representative to Van Alstyne to inspect the new department's headquarters in the district's administration building. 

Once inspected and approved by the commission, Van Alstyne Independent School District will be granted a new law enforcement agency on their campuses. 

"Our officer, our SRO [school resource officer], could be potentially called back to serve in the city in that capacity, which leaves the school exposed, so by having our own police department we'll have officers who are dedicated solely to Van Alstyne Independent School District and serving our campus," said Jeff Burge, district director of safety and security. "The ultimate goal is to have one officer on each one of our campuses." 

Assuming inspections are approved, this agency will be able to better protect students.