COALGATE, Oklahoma (KTEN) - Coalgate almost ended the 2021 season over .500 last year but unfortunately almost does not count in football. That is something the Wildcats want to improve on this go around.

"I think our leadership is pretty good, I think our seniors are pretty good" said Coalgate head coach Nathan Hill. "We don't have a lot of them. The thing last year, we had a chance to finish number two in our district and we only ended up winning three games. We need to learn how to finish and I think these guys are starting to do that."

There are less than 10 seniors that will play this year but this group is special at Coalgate because it is the first class that has gone all the way through with head coach Nathan Hill as he enters his fourth season with the program.

"We've talked about it a lot," said senior running back Jody Trevathan. "(Hill) preaches it real big time and it is kind of natural too."

"We took what the seniors gave us last year and try to build upon what they left for us," said senior offensive lineman Caleb Perry.

"They've been in my system for the fourth year," said Hill. "They know what I expect and hopefully they will make some adjustments where I don't have to."