STONEWALL, Okla. (KTEN) — Pontotoc County deputies spent time Thursday morning getting to know the layout of Stonewall Public Schools elementary, and middle-high school campuses.

"Making things safer for our kids is what it is all about," Stonewall Public Schools Superintendent Greg Lovelis said.

During the walkthrough, deputies became familiar with school buildings.

"I heard a lot of them mentioning I've never been in here, and we wouldn't know what this looked like before," Lovelis explained.

After the campus tour, the Sheriff's Department will better understand where their help is needed if they receive a call from Stonewall Schools.

"Getting their eyes on these buildings in case there ever is an emergency, so they know entrances, exits, potential hiding places," Lovelis said.

School Faculty also got tips on the best way to call in an emergency.

"I'm excited that they laid eyes on the outlay of our building and gave me pointers so that I can better report and help them locate the exact spot I need them at if need be," Stonewall Elementary Principal Pam Moreland said.

While on campuses, deputies pointed out ways to improve the school's overall safety.

"Just listening to them, I learned a lot. There were a lot of things that day to day you don't see that might be out of place,” Lovelis explained. “So being with them gave me insight on things we can improve on ways we can improve things like our entrances."

This was the first law enforcement walk-through at Stonewall Schools.

Lovelis plans to continue working with the Sheriff's Department going forward.