(KTEN) — Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has announced a big pay hike for Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers.

"I promised that we would provide law enforcement officers with competitive pay, and we got that one done," the Republican governor said on Tuesday. "Troopers of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol are getting a 30 percent pay increase."

Right now, a starting trooper earns about $50,000; that salary will increase to around $65,000.

"The pay raise says to people 'Hey, the State of Oklahoma backs law enforcement,'" said Trooper Eric Foster.

Stitt announced the establishment of the Oklahoma First Responders Wellness Division, a program designed to recognize early stages of trauma and to help the first responders who need it.

"I think it'll be great for their mental health," said Madill resident Kiera Pinnick. "They'll be able to catch early signs of PTSD and mental health disorders that are really important to recognize in officers."