DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — Knowing what to do in an active shooter situation is important. Schools have their training, and now citizens in Durant have theirs.

"Maggie approached me; she was just worried about some safety concerns for the senior center," said Richard Ezell, deputy director for Durant Emergency Management. "You know, just in light of the current events going on in the world."

Maggie Southerland, director at the Ron Cross Senior Center, worked with emergency management and the Choctaw Nation to set up the day of training. At first,  they looked solely at the building itself for any safety measures that needed to be taken.

"We moved in this new building," said Sheila Risner, executive director of Bryan County RSVP.  "And when we got here I said, 'I hate to bring this up, but what will we do in case something like this happened?'"

Tuesday's training consisted of a slideshow presentation teaching the history of active shooter events, and the role that first responders and civilians both play during the events.

"We do know that almost 90 to almost 99 percent of the time now it's one attacker and not two," said instructor Nathan Hill during his presentation. "And the times that we've had two attackers, they've been co-located."

Tuesday's meeting was part one of the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events seminar. Upcoming lessons include situational practices and medical care.

The city is waiting to see if there's any interest before they schedule any more training sessions.

"I tried to tell everybody that everybody should come, because you don't have to be a person coming to lunch here... you could be anywhere and you really need to know what to do," Risner said.