SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Grayson County Commissioners approved the upcoming 2023 fiscal year budget at a Tuesday morning meeting.

The spending plan totals nearly $50 million. 

"Over the last seven years, we have a 37 percent tax decrease," said County Judge Bill Magers. "Very proud of the fact that our new growth has powered our growth and government."

Precinct 1 Commissioner Jeff Whitmire said the price of raw materials — like gravel and fuel — are up 40 percent this year, which impacted the upcoming budget.

"The choice is either we have to put more money in it just to maintain what we are doing, or with all the increased population we are going to have, continuing  decreases in quality of roads," Whitmire said.

The inflation rate continues to impact county government. 

"It'll be interesting to see what Austin does with this, because there are a lot of counties out there that aren't growing," Magers said. "If they are capped at three-and-a-half percent, and that inflation rate goes up, they're going to be tough."

The county's fiscal year begins on October 1.