SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — A two year investigation culminated with the jury finding Oscar Garcia Oseguera not guilty of the murder of Juan Urrutia.

On October 25, 2020, police officers were called to a disturbance on East Pecan Street and found out that Garcia-Oseguera stabbed his friend.

According to the defense attorney, Urrutia made a vulgar comment towards Garcia- Oseguera's wife. When Oseguera defended his wife, Urrutia began to punch him in the face and beat him with a dumbbell, saying he was going to kill Garcia-Oseguera. 

"He threw him in a pallet of shingles," said defense attorney, Marcus Olds. "The witness testimony from the eye witness was that Juan had his hand on Oscar's throat, ready to strike again, and that's when Oscar had to stab him."

For two years, Garcia-Oseguera was placed in the Grayson County Jail; however, on Tuesday, after reviewing the evidence, the jury found him not guilty and agreed Garcia-Oseguera used self defense.

"Oscar is absolutely elated. So grateful for the jury for taking the time to look at the evidence in this case, and so grateful to the people of Grayson County for doing the right thing," said Olds.

The prosecutors with the DA's office says, they respect the jury's decision.

"Our goal is to seek justice, and I think that's what we did," said prosecutor, Eli Brown. "We took the evidence we were presented with from the police department and the investigators. We presented it the best way we know how."

But says Urrutia's family is disappointed with the outcome. 

"I think this is an opportunity for them to be able to move forward and to have this behind them," Brown said.