CADDO, Oklahoma (KTEN) - The Caddo Bruins will have plenty to prove in 2022. They are not coming off of a losing season and they certainly have been a stable sports program.

However, after making it to the second round of the playoffs last year, the Bruins will now be led by new head coach Trenton Harmon.

"I like his energy," said senior defensive end Konnor Williams. "It's amazing. He's really coming out here to make us better every single day. He's gonna push you. He's gonna make sure that you know all the plays, so when you're out there in a game its just running it back."

"He's got a lot of energy and he shows us different things that we haven't seen before and it just helps a lot," said senior wide receiver Kash Pope.

Harmon knows Caddo is a winning program, so he does not want to over-complicate things coming in.

"I've told the kids, we're not trying to change everything," said Harmon. "They've had success, so we're trying to carry that success over. We're trying to keep as much Caddo as we can in it, while still trying to bring a little new into it too."

The Bruins will open their season at home against Fox during week one.