DURANT, Oklahoma (KTEN) -- A boy from Atoka has a dream to become an Oklahoma highway patrol officer. However, after a recent bad experience with local law enforcement, it took some kind hearted talking from a state trooper to continue his path.

Oklahoma state trooper, Sonny Scott was coming to get a new scent packet from his mother's candle store and happened to stumbled upon her son, Ruger.

"I had a scent patch from her before, but I ran out so I came up here to get another one," said trooper Sonny Scott. "She happened to have her son with her this time so I sat down to talk with him...cheer him up a little bit. He had some bad experiences with law enforcement prior so I am glad I could turn that around."

After trooper Scott visited him, Ruger quickly realized that not all officers are what he had experienced.

"So that's when I was like okay maybe cops are good cops...you can't judge the apple tree from one bad apple," said Ruger Wingfield. 

Ruger got the opportunity to learn different things that come along with being a state trooper and is now dreaming again of becoming a state trooper some day.