ATOKA, Okla. (KTEN) — Downtown Atoka is humming with construction as Reba McEntire's new restaurant nears completion and the city moves forward with a master plan project.

The country music superstar announced plans for Reba's Place at 319 East Court Street last November. Restaurant manager Garrett Smith said construction is moving along.

"We are getting close to the end," she said. "We still have those small details... those kind of things. Progress is being made every week."

The City of Atoka is working on a string of projects to get ready for an expected surge in tourism.

"There will be a common area between the two buildings that will then lead you back to the green space area," said Carol Ervin, director of Atoka Industrial Parks. "Behind Reba's building is a park."

Both projects have encountered delays due to supply chain issues plaguing the construction industry.

"You know what? That's part of growing, and that's part of doing business, and we are well aware of that," Smith said. "We just make adjustments and make it work."

"There are so many working parts on this that one issue with one piece of electrical just causes a chain reaction," Ervin added.

Reba's Place is expected to open late this fall.