DENISON, Texas (KTEN) - 

Expectations are once again high when talking about Denison Yellow Jacket football.

After another winning season and a playoff appearance under first year head coach Brent Whitson, the team will have to acclimate some younger guys on offense after losing stars Jadarian Price and Caleb Heavner.

"I think the kids that are stepping into those roles are excited about having the challenge," said head coach Brent Whitson. "It's an opportunity for them, they were the ones waiting in the wings in the past and so now its their turn, lot of really good leadership out of the junior and senior classes and then we've got some sophomores that are excellent players."

And speaking of leadership, that will have to come in a bigger dose this year from senior Joshua Kurtenbach, who will get his first taste as the starting quarterback for the Jackets....

"Being a leader, growing up and speaking out, getting others involved and just showing the others what I can do," said Kurtenbach.

"His improvement is crazy," said senior offensive lineman Kanyon Ives. "A lot of doubts, people are going to talk but from what I've seen, he is a hard worker, he's gonna get it done and I have all my trust in him."

Overall though, this is a group that feels they have a connection and they hope that continues as Whitson leaves his mark on the Denison program.

"I really didn't wanna change anything in the first year," said Whitson. "We had to make certain tweaks because mine is not the only way but its the way we're going to do it but I bent quite a bit because I wanted these kids to feel comfortable. Now we're getting our way instituted and again, it's home."

"It's just crazy how comfortable we are coming in season two like you said," said senior wide receiver Ty Kirkbride. "Family is everything, nobody is separated, it's all together. That is the biggest thing with coach Whitson."