(KTEN) — It's going to be a busy weekend for retailers and consumers as both Oklahoma and Texas are having their tax-free holiday weekends for back-to-school items. 

Ardmore Chamber of Commerce president Bill Murphy is emphasizing the benefits of shopping locally because of the city's return on investment.

"Think about the local stores here in Ardmore," he said. "It helps the mom and pop shops that help support our community who are active Chamber members."

For every dollar spent this weekend at a local store, about half the profit stays within the city; this can benefit workers, owners, businesses, and citizens in the long run.

In addition to the tax saving, many local retailers are offering discounts on back-to-school merchandise.

The sales tax holidays exempt different items in Oklahoma and Texas. In Oklahoma, only clothing and footwear items under $100 are included in the program, which runs through Sunday, August 7.

The Texas sales tax exemption is more broad, encompassing clothing, footwear, backpacks and school supplies under $100. The Texas exemption also continues through midnight on Sunday.