VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KTEN) -- Due to extreme drought conditions, the City of Van Alstyne announced Stage 2 water restrictions beginning on Monday.

The city is requiring residents to limit lawn watering to once a week during overnight hours only, and to be conscious of the amount of water being used.

Odd-numbered street addresses in Van Alstyne can water lawns on Thursdays;  even street numbers can run the sprinklers on Wednesdays.

The measures are intended to help protect the public water supply. 

"We need to be smart and get ahead of the problem that could potentially be impacting us," said City Manager Lane Jones. "This could impact our aquifers; it could have a large impact on Texas in general."

The city doesn't yet have a timeline for when the water restrictions will be lifted. Violators can be reported to Code Compliance at 903-482-5426.