DENISON, Texas (KTEN) – In this blistering summer heat, finding some mud is pretty rare.

But Peggy the llama did... and managed to get stuck.

“We’ve done horses, done steers, but this is the first llama rescue," said Denison Fire Department Chief Kenneth Jacks. 

On his daily roundup, farm owner Deshaun Ringwood noticed one of his llamas in need, so he asked for backup.

“I called the fire department to assist me with my llama rescue,” Ringwood said.

Chief Jacks showed up on site and quickly made a call back to the station.

“We’ll get some resources here to get it out, because we’re not going to leave it there to die,” Jacks said.

That wasn’t an option for the farm owner, either.  Six-year-old Peggy plays a very important role.

“They're show llamas, so they're very precious to us,” Ringwood said. “They’re a part of our everyday life.”

Firefighters were up to their waists in mud trying to get some leverage on the two-legged beast.

“Been here probably for an hour digging in the mud,” Jacks said. “That stuff was like quicksand, and the llama wasn’t getting out because it was buried.”

After all that work, they finally freed Peggy.

"I guess you could say this is the 'Dalai Lama' of all rescues,” Jacks quipped.