DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — A Kirkland, Washington, man was sentenced to federal prison Tuesday over fraud schemes that affected many the social security benefits of many seniors.

Aakash Kalpesh Gandhi, 28, pleaded guilty in an East Texas courtroom to conspiracy to commit mail fraud. He will serve a 60-month term and must pay restitution to his victims.

"Scoundrels like Gandhi take advantage of our senior citizens," said U.S. Attorney Brit Featherston in a written statement. "He was part of a very large network that houses hundreds of callers who spend their days calling and scamming."

This case reminds local senior home living centers the importance of watching for scammers out to get vulnerable seniors. 

"We are just going to let them know to not give out your personal information," said Selica Hughes at Grayson Place Assisted Living. "If it is not the executive director or sales manager asking, do not give it out at all, and just be alert."

Staff members say they urge clients to open up to them about any suspicions calls.

"We always let them know to be alert and let us know if anyone called their phone and are unsure if they are asking for their bank information," Hughes said.

Anyone 60 years or older should always be on the lookout for unidentified callers or unsolicited mail.