ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Ardmore's engineering department had some budgetary changes approved at Monday night's City Commission meeting.

As part of the department's semi-annual budgetary updates, City Engineer Josh Randell had to make some changes to the plan so that construction in the city could move forward on schedule.

One of the issues on the docket concerned recent issues with concrete providers.

"There's been a few instances where we've had trucks showing up late from one vendor, causing cold joints in our pours," Randell said. 

He added there have also been issues with the concrete itself, citing either not enough water or too much water in the mix.

Randell's solution: Have two concrete vendors in the city's budget plan for the next six months. Dolese Bros. Company will be the primary provider, with Rustin Concrete as the secondary provider.

With the issues addressed and fixed in the budget bid, municipal construction projects around Ardmore should proceed on schedule.