LOVE COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Department of Public Safety are looking to hire more port of entry officers who make sure commercial vehicles are safe on the state's roads and highways.

POE officers inspect commercial vehicles at the four ports of entry in the state for contraband, safety violations, and other suspicious activity.

Officers at the Love County port say they've arrested 35 wanted felons, made two large drug busts, and located five stolen vehicles over the past three years.

Now OHP is expanding the program by hiring fourteen new POE officers.

"We are looking for safety violations," said Officer Garrett Hammond. "We don't want to see unsafe, unfit trucks traveling down the interstate; anything that is suspicious... a driver not acting correctly. We also monitor trucks up in the tower for things like human trafficking."

The salary for a POE officer starts at $55,160 annually. Applications can be made at this link.

A fifth port of entry is planned for Bryan County.