DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — The Denison City Council had approved a conditional use permit for Martin Marietta's aggregate sales yard.

"What this means is they are now approved to operate," said City of Denison spokesperson Emily Agans. "But before that happens, they'll have to meet some of the conditions that Planning and Zoning and City Council came up with before this was approved. Anything from making sure there is not too much dust in the air to improving Juanita Drive."

The gravel distribution center was approved back in June, but due to a technical error had to go back on the agenda.

Yellow outline shows location of Martin Marietta aggragate yard in Denison.

 Several homeowners including Robert Jones opposed the facility due to health concerns and proximity to nearby neighborhoods.

"I work around silicon dust, and that's what this area is going to create," Jones said. "I have seen what kind of damages can be done by silicon dust to a person's health."

Jones alleged that health concerns were not part of the city's equation.

"I think they are think more about the money issue to pad their pocket. I don't think they really gave it consideration," he said.

The aggregate sales yard, planned for a location along a Union Pacific rail line, will distribute rocks, gravel, and other materials.

"A conditional use permit is a one-time thing," Agans said. "They have to operate under those conditions. If they do not operate under those conditions, it can be revoked at any time."