DURANT, Okla, (KTEN) — As construction continues along University Boulevard in Durant, many people are concerned.

Hot Shots Coffee is just one business that's been hurt by the project. They tell us they've had to cut 30 hours, plus a week in payroll to their employees.

"We're $400-plus short every single day," said coffee shop employee Hailey Weaver. "We're not as busy as we used to be."

The road project is being completed to help expand the lanes; however, as of now, University Drive is a one-way street during the construction, making it difficult for customers to get their morning coffee.

"Now, if you have been going this way, you would have to go make a big loop, go back," Weaver said. "It takes way more time than it needs to. So, it's just not as convenient as it used to."

Businesses aren't the only ones feeling the impact of the capital improvement project.

"This construction company is still in compliance, but the impact they're having on our city has not been good on us," said Durant resident James Bishop. 

While frustrations continue, people understand why this type of work is happening. 

"We're growing, economically, and with families, this is going to be a really instrumental corridor to get from one side of the town to the other," Bishop said.

He and Hot Shots Coffee are looking forward to the project being completed.

"Just being here my whole life and driving down this road, it has been very congested," Bishop said. "And so, this new construction project is going to help us get from one town to the next."