GUNTER, Texas (KTEN) — The City of Gunter declared a water emergency on Wednesday, and officials can't say when it will be resolved.

"Due to excessive water consumption, the city's water storage tanks are unable to refill," the city said in a written statement. "Consequently, the city will be without water by early morning."

As of 11:30 a.m. Thursday, tap water was still available in Gunter, but in a Daily Water Briefing, the city said mandatory conservation rules remain in effect.

"We're going to continue to appeal to our citizens to be very, very frugal and only use water when absolutely necessary," said City Manager Rick Chaffin. "The vast majority of citizens are adhering to that and responding to that. However, we have a sizable number who aren't. We would ask them to do their part."

The city said it is "working to resolve this situation."

Last Thursday, the city issued mandatory water use restrictions after repairs to a broken water well pump could not be completed in a timely fashion.

Then on Sunday, the city said two of its three water wells were out of service. There is no timeline available for repairs of the Bledsoe and The Bridges wells.

"The reason the wells are down is because they are running," Chaffin said. "They are designed to run 50 to 60 percent of the time. Because of excessive use, we think that is a contributing factor to why they are breaking down."

The ongoing water crisis leaves taxpayers like David Boring concerned about the unknown.

"I have a granddaughter over. She got scared and started filling up little cups of water, started putting them in the fridge so she would have water doday," he said. "I'm just really disappointed."

The city does have a plan if there is a fire. The Gunter Fire Department put the Grayson County Tender Task Force on notice Wednesday night.

"With really kind of one phone call or radio activation, we will be able to get those guys en route and that comes from all of the neighboring cities," said Chief David Gallagher.

And at this time when every drop matters, people are coming together to help one another. Renee Marler is delivering bottled water to those in need.

"We're driving around downtown and we put a put a post out there for the elderly or disabled who can't get out," she said. "We are just dropping them off at houses for anybody that needs it."