GUNTER, Texas (KTEN) — The City of Gunter announced Sunday that two of its three water wells are out of service. 

Residents are expected to continue following mandatory restrictions that have now been in place for weeks.

"The guidelines that we had before — which limited residents to one day a week watering on even and odd days, I think it's Tuesday and Thursday based their address," said City Manager Rick Chaffin.

Those who fail to comply with the restrictions will be cited.

The City of Gunter forecasts rapid growth, and some residents fear the problems will continue.

"If we can't currently meet the needs of all of us residents, how are they going to meet the future needs of us plus one to 2,000 people?" asked Slater Waltz.

David Boring is worried as well.

"I'm not concerned about running out of drinking water or anything like that," he said. "I just don't see how the city will be able to keep up with the growth with the infrastructure."

Chaffin said the city remains optimistic and they are currently working on a water resolution.

"With our current system — the way it's configured, the way it's structured — we are not prepared for the impending growth," he said. "However, we have been working on a long-term resolution on the water and the waste water situation for about a year-and-a-half."