(KTEN) — Gas prices across Texas have slipped below $4 for the first time since early May.

The average price of fuel in the Lone Star State has fallen to $3.95 a gallon, but some motorists in Texoma are enjoying even lower prices closer to $3.50.

"With gas prices continuing to decline, more people may be encouraged to make last minute decisions to travel," said AAA Texas spokesperson Joshua Zuber.

And as July is still a leading month for travel demand, AAA Texas is unsure how long downward pressure will remain on the price for gas; however. some Texomans hope there will be even more of a decrease. 

"So far so good. I mean, we all could use a break. I like to see it drop even more, but you know, hey, we can take every drop we can take," said Emilio Zavala.