TIOGA, Texas (KTEN) — The Tioga Volunteer Fire Department is asking for citizens to help them extend their medical response capabilities from basic life support to advanced life support.

Basic life support is what it sounds like: Very basic — chest compressions, vital signs — but personnel can't dispense life-saving medication; they can't check a patient's heart with an EKG or initiate an IV.

Those are procedures limited to paramedics with advanced life support resources.

"Because time is an issue in emergency medicine, the faster you can get to them, the more things our paramedics and EMTs can do on scene before the ambulance arrives, shortens the time for EMS... therefore, gets them to the hospital faster," said fire Chief Richard Hartman. 

But the start-up cost for an advanced life support program can be pretty expensive... about $75,000. 

Tioga residents who want to contribute should look for a flyer in the mail with a QR code for online donations.

Remember: Only eight people volunteer for Tioga Fire Rescue; they only do it to keep residents safe, and all donations to the drive will go to providing a higher level of care.

Hartman will be featured on KTEN's First Responder Friday on Good Morning Texas to further discuss the funding of advanced life support.