BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) — The cities of Van Alstyne and Bonham — in two different counties 25 miles apart — have each seen a significant increase in building permits and developments.

In the past, the city of Bonham averaged about three planned developments a year. This year's total is eight.

"To give a little bit of an idea as to what the interest is in Bonham... last year, new construction value was $2.3 million in the city," said Bonham City Manager Sean Payte. "This year it's estimated at $27 million, and that's before everything has kicked off."

Van Alstyne reports an increase in building permits. Mayor Jim Atchison said the city is currently averaging around 60 to 70 permits a month, a significant increase compared to years past.

"We used to do 15 to 20 permits just as recently as two years ago, so it has ramped up quite a bit, " Atchison said. "There's a lot of expansion in McKinney off of FM 121. Of course, everybody is familiar with the growth in Sherman over the next four or five years with Texas Instruments and GlobiTech."

Payte credits improved infrastructure for Bonham's growth.

"One has to do with the infrastructure improvements that TxDOT is making with the [State Highway]  121-82 expansion," he said. "The second has to do with two new reservoirs."

Atchison and Payte say they don't the growth of their two cities slowing any time soon.