GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) — Several familiar faces attended Tuesday morning's meeting of Grayson County Commissioners, just hours after the Sherman City Council passed a resolution opposing plans to expand the county jail in Sherman.

Grayson County Sheriff Tom Watt said the existing facility has run out of room; 22 inmates are being housed elsewhere.

"We are still, I think, at 425 today; our capacity is 391," he said. "We have no more space. We are out of space."

The jail expansion plan includes an additional 300 beds at the facility's current location in Sherman's Central Business District.

"The footprint is a mirroring of the 2020 addition that was added to the Grayson County Jail," explained sheriff's office spokesperson Capt. Sarah Bigham. "It will be a little bit taller, because we made sure that the jail could expand upward."

Sandra Melton addressed the Commissioners, saying she fears the plan will prevent people from investing and revitalizing downtown Sherman.

"What we are saying is: Give the people the option. Put it on the ballot," Melton said. "Yes, it may cost money to be put before the people, but that's our choice, not their choice to make."

Downtown business owner Kara Massingale also opposes a bigger jail in the CBD.

"We understand — all of us do, I think — that the jail needs to expand and needs to have more room, especially with Sherman growing the way it is. We just don't want it to be downtown," she said.

But County Judge Bill Magers said he expects the jail expansion project to be on the Commission's next agenda.

"The idea that this is somehow new is a little bit befuddling to me, because that is just not the case," he said.