SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Texas Roadhouse employees welcomed seven-year-old Wyatt McKee and his family as they walked into the restaurant on Sunday evening for dinner. 

Wyatt was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and now he's on a waiting list for a new heart. 

"He was a supposed to get a series of three different surgeries," said Wyatt's mom, Harley McKee. After his second one, he was supposed to get a third that they decided that his heart isn't ready for, and it won't work if they give him a surgery."

Wishing Well Texoma board member Rayce Guess first heard about Wyatt's story when he saw a Facebook post about the time Blake Shelton invited him up on the stage. 

"Everything caught my eye and I followed the story, and I knew that it was someone that our organization would be acquainted with and send a wish to," said Guess. 

Wyatt's dream is to go to Disney World in Florida with his family.  Wishing Well Texoma is making that dream come true.

"It's a blessing to help kids like that. You know, kids are so resilient and they bounce back for so many things, but we are so blessed and honored to help him out and give him a wish," Guess said. 

Wyatt's family says this is truly a dream come true for him. 

"He has been talking about going to Disney for a long time. So it's awesome he gets to go, and we all get to go as a family," said Wyatt's mother.

"We are just glad to be a part of this wish, and hope and pray for his future," Guess added. "God has a plan for him in his life."