SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) -- Cox Firearms is working to teach everyone about firearm safety.
they say it's important to understand how to respond in active shooter situations.

"One of the reasons we teach license to carry," said Lt. Jeremy Cox, one of the firearms instructors. "Is because he has all the tools that they need if the bad thing happens."

Cox works with businesses, churches, law enforcement and schools to help them meet their goals in firearm security.

"We'll meet with their staff and ask what their goals are," said Lt. Cox. "We'll also do a quick little security assessment of the building itself and offer any suggestions based on our experience and training."

And recently Cox worked with Sherman Bible to put together a firearms and response training course with multiple local churches.

"Just go over active attack response particularly focused around your religious organization," said Lt. Cox. "And steps that these organizations can take on their own."

Lt. Cox says the training helps for during the attack but also deals with the aftermath. How to handle health needs both physical and mental.
they say the most important thing in firearm safety is making sure you know how to handle a firearm, and how to store it.

"Everyone's home life is a little bit different," said Lt. Cox. "So there's not just one size fits all answer. So, looking at your life in a whole and saying how can I best protect this firearm basically from all the people that I don't want to have access to it."