DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — A Denison family is leaning on each other after losing their home and most of their possessions in a fire over the weekend. 

"We lost so much, so so much. It was just a lot," said Kimberly Howard. 

Weldon Paul Seale Jr., her husband, woke up around 3 a.m. Sunday smelling smoke.  

"I started yelling for all of them to wake up, and everybody got up, but no one knew what was going on," Seale said.

Denison Fire Rescue responded to the call for help. 

"They contained the fire, and they had help from Bells and Locust. So we appreciate all of them," Seale said.

All six family members made it out of the burning house with no injuries reported, but they were left with the loss of nearly all  their possessions.

"My kids lost their birth certificates, social securities, IDs, bank cards," Howard said. "We don't have any food right now. We don't have toiletries and stuff like that. Everything else... I probably can't think about right now."

Their focus has shifted to their safety and a situation that would've been much worse. 

"As they're all safe, that's all my focus was," said Seale. We can't thank Him up above enough for that, so I'm still kind of at a loss of words right now."

Investigators said the fire appeared to start in the attic, but there's no ruling yet on the cause.

If you would like to help the family, visit their GoFundMe page