SAVOY, Texas (KTEN) — Texoma farmers and ranchers are facing the same kind of inflationary pressure as you are.

While prices for their output have increased, so have operating expenses.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension hosted a meeting of cattle ranchers in Savoy Friday afternoon to discuss the issues.

"What we can do is help producers figure out what those bottom lines are," said Grayson County extension agent Chad Cummings. "We can help them understand what their soil nutrient requirements are, what fertilizer inputs and pesticides inputs they are going to need."

But certified crop adviser Landon Shinpaugh said high crop prices are giving farmers a hard time.

"We've done budgets for growers this year, and it is actually doubled for what it was last year," he said. "Where we have some trouble is actually getting finances for those guys, because they are used to operating on a certain line of credit."

District extension economist Dr. Bkake Bennett said the crop price surge is happening for a variety of reasons.

"We got a huge drought — can't even get a stand of cotton — so whenever you have a limited supply, you've got to ration," he said. "How do we ration it? We raise the prices."