CALERA, Okla. (KTEN) — The Choctaw Nation is making sure students are preserving tribal heritage. 

Choctaw Nation Youth Events and Activities is hosting a camp for nearly 300 tribal members aged eight to 18 at the Choctaw Cultural Center in Calera.

"We have fewer and fewer people every year that are taking part in doing these things with their families," said program manager Javen White. "So to have something like this for kids to come and learn it, and hopefully pass it on to their family members, to their children eventually."

Kids are experiencing activities that were a part of their ancestors' daily lives, whether that be basket-weaving, bow shooting, language, or even cooking a traditional meal. 

"We learned a lot, especially with the food," said student Sebastian Sims. "We're now in a food station right now. We have been eating the dumplings, fry bread, and this corn."

And as they're learning more about their culture through activities, the goal is to bring up the next generation so they can carry on the traditions and language of the Choctaw people. 

"The language has been going through a hard time the past 30 years," said teacher Kris Ward. "We had a lot of fluent speakers that passed away. So it's very important we start teaching our language to younger kids."