DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Denison Fire Rescue made sure everything was ready to go for Monday night's sky spectacular.

The City of Denison celebrated Independence Day with its 35th annual fireworks display, but before the big show started, Denison Fire Rescue started with a briefing to show team members how to wire up the pyrotechnics.

"It has to be handled a certain way that's safe," explained Capt. Landon Lindsey. "The design can easily go off, so we want to make sure nobody's standing over the tube and things like that. It's hot out here, and we want everyone to know how to do it and the proper way to handle."

After the wiring was complete, the fireworks were ready for ignition on Monday night. The Fire Rescue staff established safety precautions  for a loud but safe July 4th show.

"We're going to have a brush truck here first of all, because it does rain down sparks and fire, and even though we mow this really short out here, everything has been so dry," Lindsey said. "It's easily going to have a little spot fires, and we're going to be prepared for that. So, that's one of the biggest concerns we have is starting little fires."

Lindsey said residents should expect the bright display to begin when the sun goes down. 

"They will turn off the stadium lights out and then we'll start the show, and it typically lasts about 25 minutes."