The PCAFC offers financial support for dependents or family members who are providing care to injured or disabled veterans.

The VA is suspending these reassessments to review the department's requirements and procedures to meet the needs of caregivers and veterans; however, they won't discharge or reduce stipends based on the reassessment.

"They need the care, so it's logically they have to review that over some period of time if there is a prognosis the veteran may get better," said Veteran Services Officer Jimmy Petty.

The VA is also reviewing ways to improve the program to ensure veterans and caregivers are well taken care of. 

As of now, the program is only open to veterans who served after 2001 or before 1976, but this fall, it's scheduled to be open to all military personnel who qualify.  Call the Caregiver Support Line at 855-260-3274 for more information.