ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — The City of Ardmore has received a donation for two projects aimed at making it easier to get around town and promoting physical  activity.

"We do want to have a city that is easy to walk through, easy to bike through," said City Manager Kevin Boatright.

Part of the more than $160,000 awarded to the city by the Ardmore Institute of Health will go towards an updated trails master plan.

"We need to make sure that there are areas for people to walk as this construction is going on," Boatright said. "So its trails, sidewalks, bike lanes, and other ways for you to get across town without using a vehicle."

The money will also be used for expanding the pickleball courts at Regional Park.

"It's our dream at the Ardmore Pickleball Group to have tournaments here in town,"said City Commissioner Nancy Sjulin. "There are several of us that go out of town right now to planned tournaments, so our goal is to host those tournaments here so we can bring those tax dollars into Ardmore."

The hope is the upgrades will attract more people to Ardmore.

"Obviously, having more reasons to have people visit is at the top of our list," Boatright said. "Of course, our citizens get the first-hand benefit of that every day."

Before construction begins, both projects will need to raise additional funds.