GUNTER, Texas (KTEN) — Mandatory water use restrictions are now in place for homes and businesses in Gunter.

A water well pump in this Grayson County community failed about four months ago, and the city has been working to try to get the parts and services required to get the motor repaired and reinstalled.

Because of this, the city is ordering utility customers to limit outdoor water usage —including car washing, pool cleaning, and general yard care — to just two days a week.

Usage limits are based the customer's address: If it ends in an odd number, outdoor watering is permitted on Saturday and Wednesday; if it ends in an even number, the days are Sunday and Thursday.

Public Works director David Gallagher said it could take at least three to four weeks before regular service is restored.

"When we pulled the old motor in the well out, it just... over time... settled in, had some rust," he said. "So we had to have it cleaned as well, and now we're just having some difficulty with the company and getting it reinstalled. These times, it's everywhere. Trying to get parts and people... it's just difficult at best."

Gallagher said he is hopeful that another truck will come in the next couple of weeks.

Gunter water restrictions order issued June 22, 2022.