LONE GROVE, Okla. (KTEN) — The U.S. Economic Development Administration has awarded the City of Lone Grove more than $2 million in grant funds for much-needed infrastructure upgrades.

The money will be used to improve the city's water delivery system.

"What the grant is going to do is it is going to kick the doors wide open on building projects," Said Lone Grove business owner Roy Neil. "It's going to help in every way as far as business. We've been waiting a long time."

City Manager Ian O'Neal said Lone Grove has been dealing with a water shortage for years, and that, in turn, has caused issues for local businesses and homeowners.

This grant will let the city increase its water capacity so that existing businesses can expand, and new businesses and homes can be built in Lone Grove.

"For eight years, we've been in a moratorium as far as residential," O'Neal said. "At one point, we had over 450 homes wanting to be built in Lone Grove, and we had to tell them, 'No, we don't have the water.' So this will relieve that. The next step will be going out for bids. We've done 2 test wells already."

One well location is projected to produce 200 gallons of water per minute. 

"We could not do this type of project without people like Roy, a long-time life citizen of lone grove who donated the land selflessly for the well so the city of Lone Grove would be able to make these improvements," O'Neal said. 

Starting the improvement projects as soon as possible is a top priority for the city.