SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) – Construction is set to begin Friday along a key stretch of U.S. 75 in Sherman, so make a plan if you'll be driving in the area.

"We want people to be aware that Houston and Lamar will be closed down, and that could cause major travel impacts for people's daily commute to and from work," said Sherman police Sgt. Brett Mullen. 

Motorists traveling east on Lamar Street will be directed to turn right on the frontage road, left on Center Street, left on the northbound frontage road… and finally back to Lamar Street.

Houston Street motorists will need to turn right on the northbound frontage road, then left onto North Travis, left again, and back to Houston.

"We just want people to be aware that these changes are coming so that they're not surprised." Mullen said.

Lanes will also shift along Highway 75 to accommodate both drivers and construction workers.

"There will be lots of changes coming up soon which are all necessary for this work to be completed," Mullen said. “We are all having to deal with this all at the same time. We just want everyone to slow down, drive safe, and just be aware of these changes so that they can make it through town safely."

As the new lanes take shape, safety is key.

"The speed limit through the construction zone is 60 miles an hour. Some places it's necessary to drive slower than that as you switch from the main lanes onto the side roads," Mullen said.

The Texas Department of Transportation anticipates that the U.S. 75 changes will be in place for about a year.