MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) – Just a week after the Sand Bass Festival wrapped up, there’s another event Marshall County residents can look forward to this Saturday: Community Night Out, hosted by the sheriff's office.

“They get to know us. They have an opportunity to ask questions about us and we can answer them,” said Sheriff Donald Yow. “But it’s also a time to bring the kids up so they can get to know us also, and we let them play in the cars, turn on the lights, sirens... things like that.”

The department was considering an event in August or September, but moved it to June – for a reason.

“Of course, here in southern Oklahoma it gets real hot about that time, so I’m trying to beat the heat on that,” Yow said.

The sheriff’s office decided on the Marshall County Expo Center as the meeting place for Saturday’s festivities. 

“There’s so many communities within Marshall County that that’s kind of a center place for people to come,” Yow said.

Law enforcement activities will be supplemented by live music.

“We’re going to end up having a concert there also,” Yow said.  “And we teamed with vendors from the jail that we have, and they’re providing hot dogs, drinks... all those things.” 

The event is set for Saturday evening from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Expo Center at 11545 U.S. 70, midway between Kingston and Madill.