GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — An Oak Ridge man was having a tough time finding a deaf and hard of hearing community in the area, so he’s investing in the help of others to create one in Cooke County.

Their solution? A game night.

“We’re going to be playing a game called Cingo," said Analynn Bartlett. "It’s a game they play at deaf clubs, and it’s kind of like bingo, but it’s played with playing cards."

The purpose is to gather neighbors who are deaf or hard of hearing in one space to play and introduce themselves.

“It’s isolated to live deaf in a majority hearing world,” host Nick Gunnells said. “You miss so much because you can't hear the language, you can’t get involved.” 

To get started, players split into teams. Then they have to match playing cards with those that the host selects.

“When you have the last winning card, you start hitting the table and raising your hand, because you can’t just shout out 'Cingo!' You have to let the people around you know,” Bartlett said.

Even if you aren’t hard of hearing, there’s still room for you at the table.

“Those that want to be advocates and learn how to do sign language and be involved... and they can be involved,” Gunnells said. “Ultimately, I want to bring the community together and have a hub for people.”

Their Tuesday night event is at the Temple Baptist Church and begins at 6 o'clock.