DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — With summer comes seasonal jobs, and around Texoma, there have been more than a few openings.

"If I'm honest, I thought it'd be a little bit harder to find people in the summer," said Jocelyn Herndon with The Best Summer Camp in Denison. "But it really hasn't been."

On a national scale, many employers have been struggling to find summer workers, but here in Texoma that doesn't seem to be the case.

"It's been easy to hire team members," said Tanglewood Resort manager Regina Rhodes. "I think our biggest area of opportunity is in food and beverage. Which is that way in most areas right now."

"We've had a great experience with it," added Herndon. "We hired some people that are already involved in our school, and we love having team members that we already know. We have a couple of moms that have been with us for a while that decided they wanted to have more activity for the summer and have been amazing."

Much like in many parts of the U.S., bonus incentives and starting pay raises are being used to try and boost staffing numbers longer-term.

"It's easy to get somebody through the door, but getting them to stay is probably the hardest part," said Rhodes. "Everybody likes the bonus incentives, but most of the time when they get that, then they're gone."

"I would say that it's still a constant battle to kind of keep those people in place." said Mitzi Gray, director of Speerhead Beyond.

The company Speerhead Beyond helps those with disabilities join the workforce. They suggest in the struggle to find employees, employers should look for people you might have been overlooking.

"You get an individual with a disability working in an environment that they want to be in," said Gray. "And a lot of times even if they don't want to be in it, they're just really great team players and it changes the whole dynamic of the work environment."

There are still plenty of jobs open for the summer, according to Texoma Workforce Solutions.