(KTEN) — The Oklahoma Legislature has voted to override Gov. Kevin Stitt's veto of House Bill 3501.

The new law aims to increase coordination between tribal judicial systems and state agencies by sharing the number of speeding tickets and DUI's drivers have with the Department of Public Safety.

Choctaw Nation Chief Gary Batton says he supports the legislation, issuing this written statement:

“We are so grateful to the legislators who stood up today to protect all Oklahomans and help keep our roadways safe. HB 3501, which requires cooperation between Tribal and other judicial systems, passed the Legislature with greater than 90 percent support, and it was appropriate to reiterate support for this measure.”

“When this law takes effect, people will know dangerous drivers will face consequences whether they are convicted in state or Tribal courts."

 Gov. Stitt had called HB 3501 "a wolf in sheep's clothing," in his veto message, adding: "It would essentially require the State to carry out tribal court adjudications, no questions asked."