(KTEN) — The price of food, housing and fuel continues to rise.

During Memorial Day weekend, many travelers were confronted by soaring prices at the pump, which almost doubled from last year.

"The statewide average a year ago was $2.71," said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. "Today is $4.24. And in Sherman and Denison a year ago, it was $2. 71; today it's $4.20. So much higher."

AAA says 90 percent of Texas motorists drove 50 miles or more to their destination over the holiday weekend.

"That was predicted to be 2.8 million people," said Armbruster. "We saw an increase in travel compared to last year, and these were the highest gas prices that we've ever seen for Memorial Day."

And many people right here in Texoma are feeling the strain of this price increase. 

"I'm going to put on 1,200 miles one-way, and then it's going to cost me about 350 bucks one way in gas," said traveler Duwayne Greget. "That's just the way it is."

Others are adjusting plans to keep some more money in their wallet. 

"We're just making one big car trip, and this is going to be our only trip probably for the summer," said Keli Cordes. "It's because it's so much, and it's diesel for us, and it affected our family." 

We just don't go out as much," Greget said. "I mean, I have to save all year just to go this year. It's just crazy; the price of fuel is sky-high, and you can't afford to eat when you're on a fixed income..

AAA has some tips on how people can save in other areas during their travels.

"Maybe eating out less; maybe taking snacks in the car, and maybe staying at a hotel that wasn't expensive as they normally would be," said Armbruster.

As far as conserving the gas you do have, AAA says to avoid rapid acceleration.