WHITEWRIGHT, Texas (KTEN) - Not only did Kiley and Kiera Anderson help Whitewright make the UIL softball playoffs all four years of their career, but they also dominate in the classroom.

On Friday, the identical twins will graduate at the top of their class. Kiera is the catcher on the softball team, valedictorian, has a 4.0 GPA and plans to go on a pre-med track in college. Kiley is right behind her as Salutatorian with a 3.9 GPA. She plans to study pre-veterinary medicine.

Both will attend Texas Tech together. The decision to stick with one another has been in the works for years, planned out as early as 10th grade.

So what is the secret to succeeding on the field and in the classroom?

"When you do extra-curricular activities it teaches you time-management and how to work with others," said Kiera. "So it's not really that much different to work hard in school because you're already working hard in sports too."

"You just have to know what to do, when and how you're gonna get it done," said Kiley.

As twins, they will always be linked together but Whitewright head softball coach Zachary Gillen has seen their differing personalities for years now.

"It's funny cause I see them differently," said Gillen. "Kiley to me is a little more vocal than Kiera is but if you talk to their mom its the reverse. They always say that Kiera is the more vocal one, so it's funny seeing how they're different out here than they are at home."

Excelling in school, on the field and in marching band has led them to become role models for upcoming Whitewright students.

"It speaks volumes about these two young ladies characters," said Whitewright High School principal Chad Long. "[They are] just great all-around young ladies that are going to be successful."