CALERA, Okla. (KTEN) — The people of the Choctaw Nation are known for their storytelling, and they are sharing those tales in a new exhibit at the Choctaw Cultural Center in Calera.

"You have stories on how thunder and lightning came to be," said exhibit curator and tribal archaeologist Dr. Kristen Walczesky. "Stories on how Choctaw people got corn; stories on how the sapsucker and the flicker survived the great flood."

The exhibit — Long Ago: Stories of the Choctaw People — shares tales of fact, legend, religion, and even fantasy. 

"There's a lot of stories told by first language speakers, by tribal elders, and it's really a great opportunity to hear these Choctaw stories and even Choctaw stories told in the Choctaw language," Walczesky said.

These traditions have been passed down from generation to generation, keeping the Choctaw spirit alive. 

"It helps me personally, because it makes me feel like we are heard," said tribal member David Batton. "Whenever we get a chance to tell our story and share that, we can show everyone everywhere that we are a people, and we are still here."

The Long Ago exhibit continues through May 31, with a new exhibit scheduled to debut on July 23.