DURANT, Oklahoma (KTEN) -- A Blueridge guitar is worth a lot. According to manufacturers it's not easy to find since there were not a lot made and now, they're discontinued.

But, for Jeremy Phifer it's not about the money. He just wants his guitar back.

"I had a lot of stuff that happened, after my parents died," said Phifer. "With this guitar, it means a lot more to me than what a, just a guitar means to somebody."

Phifer says after he realized it was stolen from his car in the Walmart parking lot, he reported it to Durant police, then he started going to different pawn shops searching. Finally he decided to start calling guitar shops as well, describing his guitar and case every time.

"The guy from Guitar Center was like, man, that's a very good description," said Phifer. "Perfect description of this guitar I know it's yours."

Hope started in when a Guitar Center in Plano Texas called him back.

"Just a coincidence, you just called me about a Blueridge guitar, stolen, and now I've got somebody that's trying to sell a Blueridge guitar," said Phifer.

The Guitar Center told him that sadly they couldn't get their hands on the guitar. When they tried to take the guitar to evaluate it the three people who brought it in left in a hurry.
The next call popped up in Dallas.

"I got another call from Sam Ash Music they said 'hey man, your guitar's in my store right now," said Phifer. "Hang up and call the police.' So I got off there, hung up and called the police."

Thieves left the store not long after, but a Dallas officer was able to use the security footage from the shop to ID one of the thieves.
Phifer says thousands over social media have been posting and re-posting his situation trying to help him find his guitar again.
He says the last known location of the guitar was in Mesquite Texas. He says he won't stop looking till it's found.