SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — It's the start of something big — really big — in Grayson County.

"Texas is leading America in economic development, with this being the largest in the history of Texas," said Gov. Greg Abbott.

Abbott led dignitaries Wednesday at groundbreaking ceremonies for the new $30 billion Texas Instruments computer chip manufacturing facility in Sherman. It's located on U.S. 75 at the site of the company's current plant.

"It will be a day people will look at and say this was a pivot in Sherman's history," said Mayor David Plyler. "Not only is this manufacturing plant big for Texas, it's big across the world."

A rendering of Texas Instruments' new wafer fabrication plant in Sherman.

The site is designed to support up to four fabrication facilities to supply high-demand computer components.

TI CEO Rich Templeton said Sherman turned out to be the perfect spot for his company to expand. The company has had a major presence in Sherman since 1966, so the roots are strong.

"We've got large operations down in Dallas, so it just gives us the ability of getting great scale and great leverage in terms of engineering resources, as well as our suppliers can be in one place and feel supported," he said. "The support we got from Sherman elected officials has been tremendous."

"It's the local leaders that were there in the beginning," Abbott added. "It's the local leaders that pass it through the finish line. So as governor, I cannot thank you enough."

Construction of the first two "fabs" will begin this year, and when complete, the complex is expected to create 3,000 new jobs.

The first products from the factory are expected in 2025.

Texas Instruments CEO Rich Templeton at groundbreaking ceremonies for the company's new fabrication plant in Sherman on May 18, 2022.