DENISON, Texas (KTEN) - "I am one of the most competitive people you'll meet. If I'm playing a board game and I lose, I'm so upset. When we go upstairs to play ping pong and I lose, I'll throw the paddle. I'm that competitive, and that's what I love about this sport," JT Smith said.

JT started playing tee-ball when she was three years old. She went to Decatur High School and has achieved quite a few accolades this week before playing her last games at Grayson. Smith won NTJCAC position player of the week with a .563 batting average, four home runs, 8 runs scored, and 12 RBI's. On top of breaking the Grayson career home run record with 31 home runs. On Saturday, she racked up her 32nd.

"I mean it's an awesome feeling, but like I said, we didn't know what the record was till last year when Cheyenne broke the record. Obviously you want to break that record. You want to be the one that holds that title, but it just comes with it. Hitting a ball and home runs happen to come with it, so it's awesome," Smith said.

"The record's already been broken this year, so for her to go past the record was pretty amazing. Players like JT are super important because she's there for herself but also for her team. No matter how's she's doing on and off the field, she's going to support her team 100 percent," Smith's teammate Landry Tucker said.

JT committed to UT Tyler to continue playing softball and couldn't have asked for a better team to kick start her career.

"I'm going to miss the memories that I've made. I've made some of the best memories I could ever ask for. Coming into college you're always scared. You don't know what's going to happen, but I am so grateful for this experience, and I will never regret anything about it," Smith said.