SHERWOOD SHORES, Texas (KTEN) — "I keep seeing that picture over and over looking down at the house and screaming for my babies," said Amber Gehret.

Fear and panic is what the mother of four felt when she couldn't find her kids after the Sherwood Shores tornado flipped over their home on March 21. 

"Me and my son had been thrown from the house about 15 to 20 feet," Gehret recalled. "We had no idea where we were, and when we realized where we were, and looking at the house, I didn't know where my other three kids were."

After 10 minutes of searching for her other three children, they were found trapped under walls and cabinets. 

"My oldest really stepped up, and it was so amazing to see him," Gehret said. "He wanted to get his brothers, feeling the same fear that I felt."

The children were found safe and suffered only minor injuries. 

The family's next-door neighbors were also left without a home. Katherine Bragg said it was all truly heartbreaking. 

"There's not many words to use to describe, but when you go to sum it down, because you have so much thankfulness in your heart and happiness that everyone is okay that you knew," she said.

The Gehret family is still looking for a home in which to raise their four children. Donations are welcome at their GoFundMe Page